publication date: Mar 7, 2018

A Community for Yoga Teachers

It all started with a cup of tea…  

Mentea began when Jean Koerner invited her students over for tea, treats, and support, and has progressed into both a mentorship and peer program for yoga professionals. Mentea stems from Jean’s passion for mentoring yoga teachers, and forming a community around shared knowledge. Wherever you are in your teaching journey, you deserve a team behind you. Mentea is about providing support, resources, and best of all, work opportunities. As a member of Mentea, you are referred as a teacher to locations around the world, offered tips and teaching tools, and provided with the support of other teachers who believe in your ability to succeed and progress.


So why sign-up?

Some time back you finished your yoga teacher training where you received the most amazing support and guidance from your teachers and your peers. Your mentors were readily available to respond to nuanced physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental queries. Now that you've been teaching on your own, you have new questions that arise often more about making a sustainable income as a yoga teacher. Whether you want another opinion on how to best support your students or you just want to talk to others who understand what it's like to be a yoga teacher, Mentea is an ongoing program with a monthly subscription that provides yoga teachers of all levels and backgrounds with a supportive space to expand knowledge and teaching tools through education, mentorship and community. 


When you join Mentea you receive:

  • Video tutorials and instruction.
  • Articles that specifically address yoga teachers' most pressing questions.
  • Access to teachings from internationally recognized yoga teachers such as Jean Koerner and Glenn Black.
  • Both in-person and online access to Mentea yoga workshops and lectures at Bowery Yoga in NYC.
  • Answers to your specific questions from esteemed yoga teachers.
  • Job opportunities and placements around the world.
  • Networking opportunities with other yoga teachers.


Mentea is for teachers at all stages, from those who have been teaching for decades, to those who are just beginning their journey. Join the community!



So you want in on the videos and articles...

but you're not quite looking for a full-on mentorship program. We've got you covered! You can sign-up for access to Mentea online content for the auspicious price of $5.55 per month.  



Note: Some articles and videos are reserved for Mentea members.